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Dining at star level at  't Havenmantsje + overnight stay

Dining at star level at 't Havenmantsje + overnight stay

Dining at star level at 't Havenmantsje .

Marco Poldervaart SVH Master Chef

The dynamics of cooking and the never-ending learning process are things that never bore me. By constantly innovating in combinations and flavors, I always try to create surprising dishes with the resources I have available. By dwelling on everyday things, by distorting or even embellishing them, I try to captivate people and show how never-endingly dynamic the culinary process is. Watching that moment of silence at the table after the first bite; those big eyes and that quiet enjoyment. That's what I want to achieve every day.

The arrangement:

4 course menu, with 4 appetizers. Excluding wines and drinks

Taxi ride from 't Havenmantsje to bnb Oosterpark

1 x overnight stay in a double room with private bathroom + air conditioning

1x extensive breakfast

Coffee and tea facilities in the room

Free use of WIFI

Free parking at B&B Oosterpark during your stay

City walk Harlingen

Entrance Harlingen pottery and tile factory

The name 't Havenmantsje is probably derived from a mechanism of a male who hit the outside of a clock with a hammer. “Mantsje” is the Frisian diminutive of “man”. The design of 't Havenmantsje is by architect WC Metzelaar (1884-1918) who was Government Architect for Justice. The clock on top of the building dates from 1562 and comes from Harlingen's harbor gate, which was demolished in 1883. Originally 't Havenmantsje was therefore a courthouse. After that, the building housed various official functions and since September 2012 the restaurant has been located here. The conservatory attached to the building was completed in December 2016.

Room Type Vlieland of BnB Oosterpark

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